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I set out to write a book in response to the damage created by the war on free speech, mob rule and cancel culture, and the dangers that can—and will—plague a free society. 

In 2008, I gave hundreds of speeches, wrote articles and released my book, One Nation Under Blog … Forget the Facts, Believe What I Say,” in an effort to forewarn all who would listen about the unintended consequences of the internet, blog posts, social media, forums, etc. I would discuss cyber stalking, doxing, exclusion, harassment, dissing, trolling, framing or any other word that can be used to describe cyber bullying. Sadly, virtually every person who listened to my narrative felt that I was being melodramatic. But what nobody saw coming were the attacks of the angry citizen journalists sitting anonymously behind their computers and weaponizing their devices in an effort to destroy the lives, reputations and futures of people that do not think, talk, look like or have the same beliefs of their attackers.

At that time, nobody could see the technological advances that would contribute to the acceleration of public shaming that I was predicting. Sitting here today, I would never be so pompous as to say, “I told you so.” But I can at least think it—very loudly!  

During my time as a city council member, mayor, state and federally appointed public servant, I had the opportunity to see things for what they were. I saw the good of our community, and the servant’s heart of so many people wanting to make this world a better place. However, I have also seen people who look to destroy, steal, and get ahead at all costs, even if it meant cutting the legs out from underneath a fellow human being. In fact, I have experienced multiple attacks firsthand from the cancel culture mob who have attacked me, my company and my family.

  • Politically, I have been canceled for not walking lockstep with policy statements and positions of a certain political party (God forbid free will, opinions and using your own brain!). I have been canceled for not “waiting my turn” to run for a certain position as an elected official, when I felt I could have a greater positive impact than the incumbent. That, of course, was a cardinal sin in the political apparatus and in the eyes of the party leadership, certainly deserving the full weight and pressure of the mob piling on.
  • As a Professional, I have spent the last 35+ years as an entrepreneur investing in, acquiring and developing early-stage companies, struggling businesses and real estate developments. With over 100 such acquisitions, developments, or start-ups in my portfolio, there are some winners and losers, and even famous investors such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk recognize this. But for the cancel culture, there is a sense of enjoyment in watching people fail and fall down the ladder of success; when the mob joins in, they ensure that your decline is public, rapid and painful.
  • From a Family and Faith standpoint, it is not uncommon that people fall out of love, are incompatible and have other contributing factors that cause marriages to end in divorce. It is a difficult decision that ends over 50 percent of all marriages, a decision that cannot be taken lightly. Most important, this life-changing decision is one that requires a great deal of soul searching, prayer, counseling and interaction between each person and their God. Yet to have our own faith community—a community that is allegedly based on love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding—form a mob mentality to attack, disparage, judge, publicly criticize and otherwise ostracize a fellow human being like myself, allows one to see the cancel culture in full force. 

Having witnessed countless examples of public shaming and intimidation attacks was not the only reason why I’ve written this book. I realize it is very important to show the world that the cancel culture can be the demise of advanced liberal societies in which ideas are freely discussed and debated. After all, who will ever speak up and share their opinions, and creative ideas and solutions, if they know their opinion is subject to bullying and becoming a never-ending target and ridicule of the mob. Who will ever speak their mind when they are forced to choose between being left alone—if they are quiet or compliant—or being threatened, boycotted, protested and publicly humiliated, if they don’t say, do or think as the mob demands?

Many people on the internet have rushed to attack me personally without knowing my story, my circumstances, my background and what I have done in my life. In short, they have never walked a mile in my shoes to understand what I say, how I think or why I act. The same goes for countless other people who have done incredible things in their lives, yet due to one action, inaction, statement, post, share, retweet, etc., they will forever be known as the person who was placed in a public square stockade to be publicly shamed, and have rotten eggs and tomatoes hurled at them. 

I have set out to be completely transparent and to explain the issues and controversies surrounding me and my life, including the dark and bright sides. This book will outline the cancel culture for what it is, how it tries to silence people, and the dangers faced by the free world. 

Part One of this book will deal with the issues and consequences that the cancel culture creates. I will also dive into how the cancel culture had its origins and began on the internet—a place that was created to magnify free speech, yet is often used with the antithesis goal in mind of silencing people. At the end of Part One, I will talk about well-known cases of cancel culture, and more important, how the “canceled people” have reacted and attempted to get through such ridicule and public shaming. 

In Part Two, I will expose the psychology behind the herd mentality and how people will follow whatever or whomever is popular. In other words, the Public Shaming du jour. The cancel culture is today’s version of the “Salem witch trials.” It is a way for people to express how virtuous they want others to think of themselves. Rather than espouse the virtues and positive attributes of others, they choose to bring people down to the lowest common denominator. Part Two will also address the development and evolution of the cancel culture, and the myriad of ugly ways, tools and methods used to antagonize and threaten other people. 

Part Three of this book offers the 12-Steps of Resilience on the Path to Redemption. These are steps I created for myself as a way to be transparent, open and honest with myself, and with others, following the act of getting canceled. These steps worked for me, and I feel can be very beneficial to others who are experiencing the same pain and suffering brought on by the cancel culture.

In 2008, when I wrote One Nation Under Blog—the same year I made the decision to not seek reelection and stepped down from the public sector serving as mayor—Webster’s Dictionary did not recognize the term “cancel culture.” Yes, I had forewarned people of my fears and ideas of how technology and social media could adversely influence people’s lives, but most people were confident that civility would rule the day, and the social media platform for free speech would be a welcome addition to civil debate. It is my hope that the readers of this book will never experience the pain, agony and suffering of losing a job … being rendered “non-employable” … losing friends … losing a life … as a result of the cancel culture. But given the fact that the cancel culture has now become ubiquitous in our society, I am hopeful that you can use some of the tools, forums and other means of expression to help you, your family and your friends to maneuver through these issues. 

Even more important, I am hopeful this book can be used to better educate people by letting them know they are not alone, and as a society, we must never succumb to the pressures, threats and intimidation of the mob. As a country that understands and embraces the principals of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, we don’t negotiate with, nor be threatened by, terrorists. Consequently, we should never negotiate with a mob.

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